Thursday, May 2, 2013

Make your own Flower!

Come check out Archetype Glass's deal on making your own Mother's Day present, a bouqet of flowers that will never fade! I'll be teaching classes all week next week. It's a deal at only $49.50 so sign up before all the spaces are gone!

For those interested
- Each voucher holder will have time to make at least 2 Flowers, choosing from up to 12 provided glass colors
- 1 white flower gift box with tissue, ribbon and gift card
- Additional glass flowers will be available for sale at a discount to voucher holders if desired.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mother's Day Sale

Mother's day is just around the corner! If your still looking for the perfect gift consider hand made glass flowers. They're on sale for $12 each or 3 for $30 (+$13 shipping) and you can order them specially made in your mom's favorite colors! Deal ends saturday! E-mail me to find out more details.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Art Shows

Spring is coming and Summer will be here sooner than we realize. Do you know what that means? Art Shows! For the past few weeks I've been receiving e-mails from the various art shows that i've applied to be in. With all the confirmations I've gotten I've decided it's time to re-post my "Art Shows" page with fresh information for this year. Currently all the shows up on it are for 2013and it's being updated several times a week as I hear back from more shows. Most are around Minnesota, but I've started to branch out to some in Iowa and Nebraska.

As shows come up more information will be added to this page, such as times, maps and the show's websites, so it will be worth while to stay in touch. Also I'll be adding joint shows that I'll be doing with Foci and with David Royce Glass as well.

If you wnat more information about any of the shows feel free to e-mail me.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Drawing Gallery

   A Drawing Gallery? But, that's not glass! No, it does not have to do with glass, but it is a secondary art form that I have been practicing for 9 years now.

    These drawings are all hand drawn and colored. They are characterized by bright colors and clean lines that sometimes follow geometric shapes although they tend to stay more organic. These drawings are made in a very specific way. They're all done on recycled cardboard. This is a great way to reuse resources, such as notebooks, that once done with would be thrown away. All lines are first drawn in with a black pen with ink that does not run when covered with a marker. Then, once the lines are drawn I begin coloring. I use only Sharpies; over time I have collected over 50 colors. None of the same colors ever touch one another. While most of the drawings are abstract, literal elements do come in. Hands, hearts, animals such as birds, ants and snails, suns, moons, flowers, trains, trees and of course korus all tend to make repeated appearances in many of my drawings.

    All the drawings also tell a story either of a time or a place or a class that I have taken. While in school I worked on one drawing per class and when traveling I did the same. Each drawing has references to the specific event during which it was created. When I was a child I loved the I spy books and have created such small details in my drawings to make it always a surprise what you will find next, these are meant to be pictures that you will come back to time and time again and always find new elements in them. You can try to find all these stories yourself, or if you are wondering about a specific piece please feel free to e-mail me questions. Also, I will soon have prints of each drawing available for purchase.



Friday, February 8, 2013

    Cold working (cutting, grinding, and polishing) my new sculptures is a slow going process. While I have removed all the plaster from the peices, I only have the main sprews (air vents to let the glass into the sculpture when it is melting) cut off of one of my peices. After this it is a long process to remove the rest of the excess glass and to do the final smothing out of the surfaces. It is work that requires patience and a steady hand.

    While I may spend a lot of my time working on this, it doesn't exclude me from working on other projects! I just bought 50lbs of clay and sculpting tools so that I can start working on the model for my next sculpture. I plan for this one to be almost double the size of the original series! The use of clay to sculpt this new model instead of wax may cause a difference in surface texture to the piece, but in return it allows of the piece to be made quicker and easier than working so big in hard wax would allow.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Following the Angel Series

With  all the downtime the winter season provides me I have had a lot of time lately to work on some of my more complex creations, namely my Angel series of which "Firebird" is one of. Over the past few months I've been painstakingly carving several new models from wax. Two of these my Pheonix modeled off the Arabesque dance move and another more lonely figure were finished at the end of December. Another two weeks passed during which I  cast these figures in plaster, melted out the wax and dried the molds.  Finally this week both were ready to me fired.On Monday I put both molds into a kiln at Foci Glass. Yesterday I monitered the kilns all day to make sure they reached temperature and melted fully, then spent the rest of the day crashing the kiln down and making sure they reached their annealing (cooling) temperature safely. They will be coming out of kiln Thursday and ready to break open this weekend!

An example of the Arabesque dance pose:

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Art Show

As the last show of the year comes up life has gotten pretty busy. Cleaning and improving the studio before this weekend has become as much part of the job as making glass. Since the show is at David's studio it is important that we get everything ready on time. David will have a large selection of his work on display and I will have a small display corner for my own glass. I will also be showing off my cut paper pictures for the first time! Besides us, David's girlfriend, Andrea, will be there selling hand-made soap, a painter, Linnea Doyle, will be selling her paintings of robots, and a jewler, Scott Verson, will be selling his work! All together it will make  a great range of items perfect for holiday presents! Christmas is only in two more weeks!

Show dates are: December 14th - 16th (Fri. 5-9, Sat. 10-8pm, Sun. 12-5pm).
And is located at: 2885 Country Drive #180 Little Canada, MN 55117

Hope to see you there!